3. 3.–2. 4. 2023
In Cukrarna and elsewhere

Dinner with a Hyperobject

Photo: Ajda Schmidt

“The concept of the human is intrinsically linked to the concepts of nature and technology. Through different timelines, these are constantly deterritorialized, merging into new constellations and exchanging in lead. Initially, nature defined the human (and technology), whereas in modernity the human detached from nature and created a history of their own. However, the situation is different today. With technology at the centre stage – not the human nor nature – the world has become a philosophical laboratory[1]. After subsuming nature, technology came after the human, reproaching their attitudes and biases and, in particular, the baffling claim of human exceptionalism. Why, for instance, they thought there was no place for technology in language despite its ability to communicate; why wouldn’t it understand meaning given that language is primarily a (logical and formal) system and, only secondary, a means of communication. Similar to the theory of aerodynamics, where an airplane and a bird are two hardware implementations of the same theory, we deal with an art object pointing to the fact that creativity, thought, language, and/or intelligence are not categories exclusive to the human. The hyperobject is part of a new genericness that the human, victim to inherited concepts and ontologies, has yet to grasp fully.”

Maks Valenčič
[1] Rees, T. (2022). Non-Human Words: On GPT-3 as a Philosophical Laboratory. Dædalus. Accessible at https://www.amacad.org/…/non-human-words-gpt-3…

Activation of the installation:

3 March 2023 at 19.00

9 March 2023 at 16.30

14 March 2023 at 16.30

23 March 2023 at 16.30

30 March 2023 at 17.30

2 April 2023 at 18.00

Production: LokalPatriot – Simulaker Gallery | konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art
Audiovisual composition and intermedia programming (music, lasers, motors): Tadej Droljc
Curator: Adrijan Praznik
Producers: Gašper Beg, Adrijan Praznik
Text: Maks Valenčič
Technical design of construction: David Mulalić
Technical design of mechatronic components: Igor Vuk
Programming: Luka Frelih, Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory
Woodwork: Janez Robavs
CNC programming: Gregor Stupica
Supported by: Creative district Barutana, Public Institute for Culture Kamnik, Projekt Atol Institute
Acknowledgements: Priden možic street theatre, YC Kotlovnica and Ivo Droljc
Production of the performance was done with: FluCoMa / University of Huddersfield (machine learning assistance), Priden možic street theatre (coproduction)