3. 3.–2. 4. 2023
In Cukrarna and elsewhere


Cukrarna Gallery in Ljubljana is the epicentre of the programme konSekvence ≡ Fragments of a Possible Ecosystem. A comprehensive exhibition of artworks and ideations that create space for original, unexpected and inspiring views on the present and possible future will concur with performances, research workshops for children and adults, a conference, roundtable discussions and artist talks. With them, konS ≡ the Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art encapsulates three years of investigative learning, creative output and engagement with the knowledge institutions and corporate sector. konSekvence exhibition brings attention to three interlocked creative fields closely related in terms of concept, technology and design. In addition to creating better conditions for artistic work by setting up theme laboratories, education, more precisely research-based learning informed by historical trajectory regarding access to knowledge, plays a significant role in the project. The third creative field exhibited is a set of prototypes that have come out of integrating artistic ideations and works into innovations for a more inclusive, green and technologically empowered society.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00–19.00


  • Poljanski nasip 40
  • 1000 Ljubljana
  • Slovenia