3. 3.–2. 4. 2023
In Cukrarna and elsewhere

Gregor Krpič

Photo: Saša Huzjak

Gregor Krpič studied Electronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. During his studies, he collaborated with various high-tech companies such as Optomotive ltd, Elaphe d.o.o., Extreme d.o.o. His interests in art, music and designing (audio) electronic devices led him to the field of intermedia art.

Since 2018, he has been actively participating in various contemporary art research projects with artists such as Mojca Založnik (Boundary Indeterminacy, Kapelica Gallery, 2019), Staš Vrenko (Separate Values, Eighth / for, 2021), Špela Petrič (Pl’AI, Kapelica Gallery, 2020), Zoran Srdić Janežič (Biobot, Kapelica Gallery, 2021), Brane Zorman (Duh Dreves | Touch, Zone, 2021), Tanja Vujinović (MetaVrt Sfera2, 2019), Januš Aleš Luznar (IctusCordis, 2019),… Of which perhaps his most resounding co-authored work Boundary Uncertainty. As a support collaborator and/or as a performer, he has participated in various arts and science festivals such as A Dela? Festivals, Svetlobna guerrilla, MFRU, Researchers’ Night, etc. mentoring workshops. Since 2020, he has also been cooperating with the Ljudmila Association as a coordinator of Synth meetups.

Scheme-op: Sintetistična srečanja, Stella Verde – Smart Garden