3. 3.–2. 4. 2023
In Cukrarna and elsewhere

mybot ∑igma

Photo: Art Rebel 9

Unlike conventional, typically top-down school learning, investigative learning promotes intellectual emancipation by facilitating horizontal knowledge transfer between students of different ages and abilities. Such an approach to learning and skill development has prompted us to design a unique web interface. It motivates creative learning so that the users, in the process, develop their own virtual assistant that gets smarter and more sophisticated with each workshop attendance.

The virtual assistant, in the form of the robot mybot ∑igma, can be personalised and designed by each user according to the many options offered in the menu that unlocks after each successful workshop. Users connect and agree on knowledge transfer through the app where they also certify each other’s activities. In this way, the mybot ∑igma assistant learns, changes and grows with the user through the digital footprint of the work they have done. This allows for formation of public databases of aggregated and accumulated knowledge, creating a kind of swarm intelligence. Thus mybot ∑igma also increasingly becomes the interface through which the user can control the life of their data body and empowers it in the face of the ever-present automated decision-making of artificial intelligence.

Author: Matjaž Požlep (Art Rebel 9) in collaboration with dr. Luka Bradeško and Patrik Zajec (Solvesall d.o.o.)
Production: Youth centre Velenje
Fabrication: Fabrikaid, d.o.o.
Innovation catalyst: Jurij Krpan
Producer: Lea Lipnik
Acknowledgements: Art Rebel 9 (Nina Sever Plešec, Ažbe Rihtaršič, Predrag Petrovič, Teja Mole, Brane Herak, Nataša Slokar), Mitja Jermol (IJS), 5hek Academy (Petra Vanič, Eva Pondrk, Kristijan Tkalec, Katja Zalar Nikovič)