3. 3.–2. 4. 2023
In Cukrarna and elsewhere

Dinner with a Hyperobject

Photo: Ajda Schmidt

Dinner with a Hyperobject is the latest work of artist and creative programmer Tadej Droljec, who uses modern artistic approaches at the intersection of electronic music, computer-generated audiovisual compositions and other forms of intermedia art to create at the intersection of sound, image and light. During the exhibition konSequence ≡ Fragments of a possible ecosystem, Tadej Droljc will perform live audio-visual performances, which are part of the project Dinner with a hyperobject.

Art director, audiovisual composition and intermedia programming (music, lasers, motors): Tadej Droljc
Curatorial support: Adrijan Praznik
Text: Maks Valenčič
Technical design of construction: David Mulalić
Technical design of mechatronic components: Igor Vuk
Programming: Luka Frelih, Društvo Ljudmila
Woodwork: Janez Robavs
CNC programming: Gregor Stupica
Photo: Ajda Schmidt
Supported by: Kreativna četrt Barutana Kamnik, Javni zavod za kulturo Kamnik, Zavod Projekt Atol
Special thanks: Kulturno društvo Priden možic, MC Kotlovnica and Ivo Droljc
Project produced by: LokalPatriot Institute (Gašper Beg, Adrijan Praznik) | konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art
Project co-funded by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, European Union – European Regional Development Fund

The production of the performance was done with:
Flucoma / University of Huddersfield (machine learning assistance)
Kulturno društvo priden možic (co-producer)