3. 3.–2. 4. 2023
In Cukrarna and elsewhere


Building a mechatronic watering tank in the digiVrt workshop sparks your curiosity to reflect on the possible uses and benefits of mechatronics and electronics in plant care. You will design self-sustaining ecosystems that support urban indoor gardening.

First, you will learn the basics of mechatronics – building the scaffolding for the hydrometer and a water bottle, connecting the components so that the electronic does not come into contact with water. Next comes programming and coding – with the help of biology, you will gain plant-specific information about what individual plants need for optimal growth. With this knowledge, you will program the microcontroller Arduino to send the watering signal when the plant needs water. At the end of the workshop, you will install the scaffolding with all the necessary mechatronics to the plant.


Production: Zavod Kersnikova | konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Arts