3. 3.–2. 4. 2023
In Cukrarna and elsewhere

What Does the Future Smell Like?

The sense of smell is a very powerful psychological trigger of memories and certain subjective feelings. The smell of cinnamon reminds us of Christmas holidays and delicious food. In a way, it evokes the past. But we wonder whether it can also conjure up the future.

It is difficult to describe the experience of smelling to people who have a problem with smell, because it is a unique experience. Sometimes we take it for granted, other times we don’t even notice it. In fact, humans are dominated by the sense we call sight. The dominance of the visual has made smells difficult to describe. In this experiential workshop, we explore the surrounding terrain and find a material that we think will give off an odour – one that will stay with us for at least a century. After the material selection process, we start the distillation process to extract the essence. More scents are blended into the scent of the future.

You can bring the materials for distilling the scent with you.


Production: konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Arts